Duplicators for Free Runescape Items

The only time that the prices of these particular Runescape rare items have ever really crashed was when someone managed to create a Runescape item duplicator. Of course they used this item duplicator to start duplicating Runescape items, and not just any Runescape items, the Runescape rare items, mainly pink party hats which were at the time worth many, many millions of runescape gold.


Obviously Jagex and the Runescape market realized that there was a sudden influx of party hats rs money for sale on the market and as such they found out how players were duplicating Runescape items and removed the glitch from the game. The damage however was already done, the Runescape rare item market had already crashed and with knowledge that it was rs gold possible to create a Runescape item duplicator to exploit runscape glitches put added uncertainty in the rare item market and prices stayed low for quite awhile.

A lot like Cheap Runescape Gold there are many Runescape rare item sellers that will actually sell rare Runescape items for money as well as have other runescape items for sale. Of course this is against Jagex’s rules this doesn’t stop the trading from taking place. Now whilst some people opt to buy there Runescape rare items from such rs gold selling stores many players spend countless hours saving their runescape gold up to be able to afford such items.

Players literally spend months saving for these particular Runescape items and with the rate at which prices inflate for these items it is near impossible to be able to earn the money without the price having doubled by the time they have saved enough osrs gold for their prized rare item.


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