Request for Elder Scrolls Online information

This game was made for adults and young adults.

As such we expect information and quality and communication from the manufacturer.

This is a complex game, I understand that as do many other customers. I believe however I am not alone when I say I’m not satisfied with the communication lines in place. I would like to see more information. I’d like to see Q/A section where we actually get answers to our undying thirst for information.

There are many good things with this game, one mega server, very little lag, unmatched graphics for an mmo game and a lot of possibilities.

There are however also room for improvement.

Request for Elder Scrolls Online information

This game was easily dissected by those interested in the game mechanics.

For pve and pvp, there are those who always strive for the optimal setup, those who are ok with being close to the top. I’m one of these players and I’m very concerned about the combat design.
It’s very simple and if I may say so, have a clumsy design that attempts to give variety and freedom but offer none for those who wants to be good.

With skills getting their crit chance from weapon crit or stamina crit, which is hidden information that should be stated on the skill, and at the same time cost ether magica or stamina it’s a lot of testing and dissecting a customer has to do to figure it out.
Once a dragon knight, night blade or templar has figured this out, that most of his skills costs magica but some are based on weapon crit and other on spell crit, that player realizes he needs to plan carefully and avoid some skills in favor of others. He can not play as he wants.
Then the players realizes that if he wants to be extremely competitive he re-rolls and goes for the sorcerer that has good cc and does not need to care about weapon crit if he sticks to a staff. But that’s not a problem because restro staff is the best dps weapon anyway, then switch to destro staff for some additional aoe.

With the soft-cap on armor, low armor is not an issue, and if it needs to be buffed, there are skills for that and thus to get some more spell crit in light armor is the key as it is the key at the same time to more magica, which you need for class skills and staff skills.


Surprise surprise the game is optimal for light armor + staff and other set-ups can not go toe to toe with it. And if you do not want to be screwed on the crit chance you go with sorc and avoid the rest or figure out what skills does not have their crit chance based on weapon crit.

Some of you might be wondering, why crit is so important. Well look again how much more damage you do if you crit vs if you do not. Now know that with light armor, inner light, eqipment, thief boon, ~55% spell crit is doable for most.

This leaves a lot of room for a rework of the combat design. I also believe a lot of people are scratching their heads in confusion, wondering who came up with this design and who gave the ok for it.

Simple solution would be to have all skills based on magica and all damage based on spell damage and just call it crit chance. However, something more elegant would be appreciated.

So please, give us some information here. Is everything working as intended? Are you are satisfied with the game combat & skill design?


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