Maximum group size in ESO would suit Imperial City best

I’m very surprised at the general reception of the IC event thus far. Personnally I have been thoroughly enjoying all the action accross the districts and sewers, but then again I always loved it. During this event a few of my guildies and myself have had many skirmishes and fights which have been a blast, but since we never really run with more than 4-6 players we also haven’t made it to the centre either. And it seems many people feel that the rampant Zergs are having a detrimental effect on their enjoyment of what I feel is an essential expansion to ESO.

We play very co-ordinated, always communicating, and understanding each other’s builds etc etc. but nothing can compete with 24 players stacked on crown. I know Zeni mentioned that players would still group up larger than the allowed group size but at least it makes it harder to simply stack crown and Zerg anything that moves!

What do the players think? Would we like ZOS to re-address the group size allowed in IC? Personnally I feel, with regards the layout of the city and sewers, that 24 is totally ridiculous.


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